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A community for fanfiction/art of The Elder Scrolls series.

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ஓ Welcome to Elder Scrolls Fanwork, a livejournal community focused on fanfiction, fanart and graphics set in the glorious world of The Elder Scrolls game series. Please take a moment to read over the userinfo and rules before you post, and enjoy your stay!

ஓ Post Content: Icons, meta, fanfic, comics, fanart, crafts, cosplay, discussion, graphics, etc. If it's Elder Scrolls, it's welcome!

ஓ Please do not make roleplay posts here. If you are an RPer, please head over to new_gnisis.

ஓ Posts relating to trouble with quests within the games themselves, etc, are not appropriate for this community. Please make such inquiries at tes_skyrim. Discussing posts relating to lore and history are very much allowed, but please keep on-topic.

ஓ Any image larger than 300x300 pixels must be LJ-CUT.

ஓ Please do not put more than four icons before a cut if posting icons.

ஓ Fanfiction should be posted with this format:
Link: (Alternately, you may post the fanwork on the community under an lj-cut)

It does not need to be in that exact order, but please make sure all info is present in some way, shape, or form. Fanart posts do not need to provide a summary, genre, or title, but should have the rest of the information. Explicit content must be locked.

ஓ Tagging: Tag your entries. We have a default list of tags set up. We will add other tags as needed. If you find that you need a tag that isn't there, or are confused by any of the tags present, please contact blood_winged.

ஓ Etiquette: Be kind to all fans, even if they do not agree with your opinions entirely. Absolutely no pairing or character bashing, please. Keep your posts ON-TOPIC. Do not spam the community. If you have several things to post in a day, combine it into one post. If you have official news or anything of the sort, please make sure it has not already been posted. Treat all members with respect and bring any issues you may have to blood_winged via a reply to her journal or by sending an LJ private message.

Maintainer applications are CLOSED.
Affiliate applications are OPEN.


Please contact blood_winged to query.

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