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18 February 2012 @ 10:49 am
Introducing Qu'krin "Mysterious Smile"  
Originally posted by amigoid at Introducing Qu'krin "Mysterious Smile"
Qu'krin found himself free of the headsmans axe thanks to the arrival of a dragon.  
This one was glad for the distraction.  No right to accuse Khajiit, smelly naked apes. 
Stupid loud Nords.  Always hating the Khajiit. 
And yet. The people of Riverwood did not shun this one. The Jarl of Whiterun made Qu'krin Thane when this Khajiit defeated the dragon.  And now Qu'krin is being summoned by strange men on a mountain. Perhaps they shall be the last to die.
The Nords say Skyrim belongs to the Nords.  They are wrong.
Qu'krin means the Mysterious Smile, for they know not why.
This one will travel seek out the Dark Brotherhood, the Thieves of Riften. 
Qu'krin learns quickly, patiently.  This one's fur is black, like the night.
They will learn to fear Khajiit, and glowing eyes in the darkness.
If Khajiit must leave the warm sands of home, of T'sabhi mother and Jo'Rakha father... well then.
The burning cities piled with dead Nords and Imperials, shall keep this one warm.

Qu'krin has found a spellbook that turns iron ore to silver, and then gold. Now this one will not lack for anything as Khajiit make this cold land home.  Let the Stormcloaks fight the Empire, let the Thalmor plot against the rest.  That many less for this one to have to bury his dagger in.  Something to smile about, indeed.
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